Rat in a trap Animatronic

Item #: 20319

Rat in a trap Animatronic

The rat trap snaps under the dangerous, giant rodents to loudly

So it had the huge sewer rat not presented as if they wanted to explore the storage room to the grocery store.
After just three meters, they ran into the trap that broke her neck.She was the spy for the Klan, they would
unharmed, sixty rats have invaded the camp.The loud squeal of the dying Scout prevented the
Rat infestation.

The rat in the trap is almost as big as a cat, the temple of the case has pressed the rat in a lateral position.The left eye of the brown rat is bloody red, hairy rat tail unusual.Solving the animation of the eye lights up and the rat makes about 20 seconds, the typical squeaking a verreckenden rat.Lest they finished their pest career alone, can you still a Rat in a cage Animatronic and Zombie Kanalratte Set aside, or directly Giant Psycho Cat let go of them.

  • Material : Styrofoam, wood, metal, synthetic fur
  • Mass : Total length about34 cm longer about the rat21 cm, width ca.14 cm, height ca.9 cm
  • Batteries : AG 13, three piece (included)