Inflatable Giant Witches with Cauldron

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Inflatable Giant Witches with Cauldron

These three witches in your front garden are guaranteed to attract a lot of attention this Halloween

The Inflatable Giant Witches with Cauldron is a great decoration to welcome your Halloween guests in style. As witches do, the three beauties are standing around a cauldron, busy brewing some magic potion. While they cook their witch brew, they turn their heads to check on your party guests.  This light-up decoration is proof that a green complexion is extremely fashionable amongst witches. Order this cool airblown decoration and let the witches brew their potions in your front garden.

The Inflatable Giant Witches with Cauldron measures approx. 180 x 160 x 130 cm. This cool animated airblown decoration is amde of a material which is similar to parachute silk. The witches and cauldron light up and the two smaller witches turn thier heads. The Inflatable Giant Witches with Cauldron decoration is rain-proof can be used indoors and outdoors.To make this decoration wind and weather proof, the three sorceresses can be fastened to the ground with pegs and nylon cords. CAUTION! a US Voltage Converter 300 Watt / Adapter is compulsory for this decoration to work properly. Best add it to your order.

  • Includes: Inflatable Giant Witches with Cauldron, engine, pegs & nylon cords for fastening, spare light bulb
  • Material: parachute silk (similar), nylon, plastic
  • Power supply: AC plug (US), 300 watt voltage converter needed
  • Measurements: approx. 180 x 160 x 130 cm