Crawling monster hand

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Crawling monster hand

As if that Ice cold hands would come to visit.

In the Middle Ages was the severed hand of a deceased person, who had been executed primarily used as so-called dead hand as a talisman.These body parts were awarded special magical abilities and they were used for magical rituals.The well-known from the Addams Family Ice cold hands is a parody of the dead hand here and very agile, because they met here everyday work and is sometimes the knight in shining armor.

The ingenious crawling monster hand can be like Ice cold hands independently crawling around and is a brilliant gag for any Halloween party.With its greenish skin is blutbesprenkelt on the stump, the life-size hand not only responds to touch but can also be switched to the noise sensor and does so to speak independently.In the shop you will find other ingenious Halloween Animatronics wieetwa the Scary Bonbon Bowl Of Graping Hand and Rocking Witch Hat Animatronic ,Requires 3 AA batteries, these are included.

Package included: 1 x Monster Crawling Hand

  • Life-size
  • Crawls independently
  • Reacts to touch and sound sensor
  • Batteries: 3 x AA batteries, included.

Warning Warning! Batteries are included for testing purposes in the delivery, but they must be replaced prior to normal use new batteries.Suitable for decoration only, not toys for children! Not suitable for children under 3 years.Contains small parts which may be swallowed or inhaled.Adult supervision is required.,