Shot Glass 2 cl Clear 50 St.

Item #: 22680

Shot Glass 2 cl Clear 50 St.

Small transparent plastic cups as Shot Glass

The small, clear plastic cups make excellent shot glass, party dishes, tasting or medicine cup.Made of sturdy, transparent plastic hold the cup up to 20 ml of liquid.

Order now the colorless liquor cups as disposable tableware for your party or event and thus possess, lightweight, stackable and hygienic cups that can be easily disposed of after use.The plastic cups not splinter and therefore there is a much lower risk of injury as in shot glasses made of glass.

1 x schnapps cup 2 cl Clear 50 St.

  • Contents: 50 pieces
  • Color: Transparent
  • Size: 2 cl = 20ml
  • Material: Plastic
  • Ideal as a party dishes, craft or medicine cup