Navy Blue balloons 50 St.

Item #: 8802061

Navy Blue balloons 50 St.

The impressive dark blue Premium balloons make every party a unique experience

Decorate your party rooms with sparkling latex balloons in dark blue.Whether for birthdays, anniversaries or wedding, with unique dark blue Premium balloons you hit inside black.

The navy blue balloons 50 St.are made of natural rubber and are supplied in a pack of 50.When inflated, the balloons may have a diameter of ca.reach 27.5 cm in height.With a larger amount of inflated balloons we recommend you to use two-way pump a balloon.The Premium balloons, can be used with helium.More balloons in different colors as the Orange balloons 50 St. you'll find also in our range.

Balloons are not suitable for children under 6 years and always require adult supervision.When swallowed uninflated balloons in asphyxiation.Burst balloons must be removed immediately.Keep away from the eyes.
The use of a balloon pump is recommended.

  • Delivery: 50 x navy blue balloons
  • Material: 100% natural rubber
  • Size: inflatable to about27.5 cm
  • Color: navy blue