Balloon support rods 10 pieces

Item #: 8801802

Balloon support rods 10 St.

The balloon holder protects your balloon before flying it!

At each celebration balloons are a great decoration and should not be missed as eye-catcher! If you are looking for a way to the moor many colorful balloons, the balloon support rods are ideal for this! Every visitor can get on the celebration his own balloon and the balloon can hold comfortably with a support rod.

The inflated balloon is easy to moor at the balloon-holder and can decorate so well, with the balloon sticks holder, the balloons make suchb arrange in styrofoam or floral foam.The knot on the balloon is simply clamped into the holder at the bar and yet is firmly of the balloon.Matching the support rods are the Twisting Balloons 100 PCS and the Balloon Pump .

  • Material: Plastic
  • Contents: 10 pieces
  • Size: length about37 cm