Zombie Bite Tattoo With Filmblood

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Zombie Bite Tattoo With Filmblood

Realistic looking wounds tattoo with artificial blood as make-up accessories

If infected zombies are doing something wrong, you should search as fast as possible. Otherwise, it will be as if you were in the exemplary quaint death scenes á la 28 Days Later. Zombie Bite Tattoo with Filmblood is a horror tattoo with zombie bite wound and a cool fake injury for Halloween. Put the tattoo on any body, and mime the badly injured zombie victim.

The Zombie Bite Tattoo with Filmblood is a sore makeup for Zombie Walk & Horror Party. It is approx. 13 x 9 cm and comes with artificial blood in the 5 ml vial. The bite wound tattoo is very easy to apply and easy to remove. Since we offer a great variety of realistic horror applications and injuries in our Onlineshop, you have many possibilities to "adorn" yourselves with impressive wounds.

Scope of supply: 1 x Zombie Bite Tattoo with Filmblut

  • Content: 1 tattoo, 1 x filmed blood
  • Colour: Green / Purple / Red
  • Size: Tattoo 13 x 9 cm, Filmblut approx. 5 ml
  • Cool wounds makeup for Zombie Walk & Halloween

As with any decorative cosmetics, allergic skin reactions can occur in sensitive persons. Therefore, it is recommended that a test be made in the arm flexion before using the product in order to rule out possible allergic reactions. For this, please apply the product on a small area of ​​the arm flexion and approx. Leave in for 30-60 minutes. If an allergic skin reaction occurs, the use of the product is not recommended.