Vendetta Belt with dagger

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Vendetta Belt with dagger

V for Vendetta the freedom fighters from the same film!

The freedom fighters of the future is V for Vendetta and fights in the UK, for the freedom of an entire people.He is also driven by revenge.In the background of the Gunpowder Plot of Guy Fawkes who tried in the past to chase the British Parliament in the air, wearing V for Vendetta the same mask.He wants to make a mark and his enemies shall fear him.Characteristic are the six V for Vendetta daggers at his belt.

The Vendetta Belt with dagger set consists of 6 daggers made of plastic and the belt of Vendetta polyester.The belt can be adjusted, so watch any.More great product of V for Vendetta, check in our shop.Look, for example, the black V Like Vendetta Hat or the great V for Vendetta Deluxe Costume at.

1 x Vendetta Belt with dagger

  • Delivery: belt with 6 daggers
  • Length of the belt: ca.130cm
  • officially licensed product
  • Material: Plastic and Polyester