Thick Artificial Blood 470ml

Item #: 31064

Thick Artificial Blood 470ml

Real looking movie blood for Halloween costumes & parties

That will be a wonderful bloodbath on the next Day of the Dead Fete. With the thick artificial blood 470ml you can turn your booth into the set of a Splatter movie on Halloween or on the Day of the Dead. As if the Texas Chainsaw Massacre had just taken place here. Everywhere at the entrance to the house and at the windows the movie blood runs down in long streams. A great scary effect for all fans of bloody decoration.

Of course, it will lead to some uncertainty among the guests, but that's quite wanted. With the thick artificial blood 470ml you create a great decoration effect both in the apartment, where you can create small blood puddles on the floor, for example, as well as on yourself.

Scope of supply: 1 x Thick artificial blood 470ml

  • Colour: blood-red
  • Content: 470ml
  • Art blood for Halloween
  • Suitable for decoration & make-up effects

Warning: The Halloween Fake Blood for Special Effects is suitable as a decoration & make-up accessory. The fake blood is not recommended for children under 13 years. Before using as a decoration, be sure to do a test on removability at an inconspicuous place. Do not use the product on joints, upholstery and carpets. When used as a make-up accessory, the film's blood can be removed with water and mild soap. Repeated washing may be necessary.