Spider contact lenses

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Spider contact lenses

Gaudy green color lenses with disgusting spider venom as a motive

The spider contact lenses are particularly well suited for Halloween outfits, because the ghoulish effect lenses show a disgusting poison spider on green background.Many people are disgusted by tarantulas, what the colored contact lenses can look particularly gruesome insect motif.With the spider contact lenses so you perfect many horror skirts and dark gothic outfits.

This green black Poison Spider lenses that increase the fun and creepiness are all the rage for Gothics and Halloween fans.These colored lenses year you transform on Halloween, Carnival, Carnival and other costume parties your eyes in a terrifying, but also interesting eye-catcher.Spread magnetizing looks with your green black spider eyes.So you are the center and are the Alchemy Contact Lenses eye-catching, with which you auffällst everywhere.

Up to 12 months (annual contact lenses) with appropriate care.These are suitable for dark and light eyes and have a very high opacity.Very good quality and very comfortable to wear.Made in the sandwich method.This move does not guarantee the ink particles in the eye.Not suitable on the road! The spider contact lenses you order best equal to the contact lens fluid to order your motive lenses can be stored safely.

Additional information (Spider contact lenses):

  • Content: 2 pieces of colored lenses in vial
  • Type: soft contact lenses
  • Material: 58% Polyhema, 42% water content
  • Radius (BC): 8th60 mm
  • Diameter (DIA): 14th5 mm
  • Without diopters (without prescription)
  • Up to 12 months, with proper care

Caring for your contact lenses
You have chosen the soft effect contact lenses for a quality product, which according to international standards
was manufactured.
To ensure that you safely can contribute to best view your lenses, you should read the following instructions carefully and follow them at all times.
Please keep these instructions for easy reference later with any inquiries can once again.
If you use contact lenses for the first time, you should increase the wearing time of the lenses slowly.Enter the lenses on the first day for no more than 4 hours and extend the wearing time daily at 2 hours.Longer than 8 hours at a time, the lenses should never be worn.
The lenses are furthermore not suitable for persons under 18 years of age.

Application Notes
Avoid touching your lenses with clean, dry hands.
When you first open the packaging indicates that the lens is intact and completely surrounded by liquid.
Do not use the lens if it is dried out or damaged.
The lenses are designed for a wearing period of twelve months and should then be disposed of accordingly.
The lenses are to take mandatory before the first use of the original packaging and lay out for at least 4 hours in fresh contact lens solution.
Only then the contact lens can be used according to instructions.
Please note further care instructions exactly.

FirstTake a lens from the package.
SecondPlace the lens on the right index finger and establish on the fingertip if the lens is right side up.
ThirdKeep your upper eyelid with your left index and middle finger wide open while you hold it open with your right middle finger the lower lid.
4thPlace the lens on your eye.
5thRepeat steps first-4.with the other lens.

Look upwards and hold down your lower eyelid down.Press the lens with thumb and one finger lightly together and then lift it out.
Cleaning and disinfection
Always follow the instructions on the bottle of your contact lens solution.
Should dry out your lenses again, they are very sensitive and
must be handled accordingly with extreme caution.
Then insert the lenses for at least 4 hours in fresh contact lens solution.
Clean and disinfect your lenses again and check it carefully for any damage.
If you have doubts about the integrity of the lenses is to visit your optometrist before wearing your lenses again.
Note: We recommend to visit an optician or doctor, who will, the proper use of contact lenses explained in detail and can practice with you.

Always remember that the health of your eyes is vital to your good eyesight.Do not take any risk by carelessness or vanity and therefore stick to the following supporting evidence.
FirstWe encourage you to renew the monthly lenses and maintain daily.
SecondFor questions regarding the proper handling of contact lenses we recommend you to consult your optician.
ThirdNever been used contact lens solution again.
4thFollow the instructions of your contact lens solution
regarding storage times and mode of treatment.
5thRemove the lenses and consult a optometrist if your eyes hurt, redden or burn, if your eyes water or your vision is impaired by reflections of light or color swatches.
6thRemove the lenses before you go to bed or lie down longer.
7thKeep your fingernails short, because long nails can damage the lenses.
8thDo not wear lenses if you treatment to a
Ophthalmologist are orconsult your doctor.
9thDo not use saliva to wet your lenses or clean.
10thDo not wear your contact lenses if you use eye products or eye drops.
11thNever wear lenses if they are damaged or scratched or if they have deposits that can not be removed.
12thWear eye make-up after inserting the lenses on and remove it after removing the lenses.Use lint-free as possible, water-soluble eye cosmetics and oil-free products.
13thDo not use abrasive household cleaner while wearing the lenses.
14thNever use household products (such as.B.Disinfectant) or tap water to clean your contact lenses or storage containers.You can seriously damage your eyes.
15thDo not wear the lenses in smoky or humid environments.
16thKeep it clean storage boxes of lenses.
17thDo not go swimming unless you wear a waterproof swimming goggles with the lenses.
18thKeep the lenses out of the reach of children.
19thLet neither hairspray or any other
cosmetic sprays come with your contact lenses in contact.
20thDo not wear your contact lenses if toxic or irritant vapors are present.
21stShare the lenses not with someone else.
22ndWearing the motive lenses is prohibited while driving.