Slimy Severed Finger

Item #: 21492

Slimy Severed Finger

This chopped of finger still moves...

Looks like the chef of this top restaurant has cut off his finger while chopping onions. Now one of the guests will find it in his soup...  The Severed Finger is the ultimate accessory if you want to pep up your Halloween buffet a little or create a gory table decoration.

The Slimy Severed Finger is approx. 8 cm long and was severed at the proximal phalanx level. The greenish finger bone sticks out of the fake body part and blood runs down at its side. The chopped off latex finger is filled with little beads. The skinned arm left is another one of our bleeding gory body parts.

  • Includes: one Slimy Severed Finger
  • Material: latex
  • Colour: skin-coloured / red
  • Size: approx. 8 cm long