Rotting Teeth As A Joke

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Rotting Teeth As A Joke

Bad teeth as a make-up accessory for special effects

No matter if horror movie, adventure or pirate movie. Examples in which actors had to wear rotting teeth as a special make-up effect are sufficient. Do you want to wear authentic looking rotting teeth at Halloween, Carnival and Carnival? Then our rotting teeth as a joke are just right for you. Broken off and covered with thick brown plaque, the joke bite is a real shocker and is suitable for many costume characters or simply as a party gag.

The rotting teeth as joke are adapted by means of a two-component silicone compound to your own teeth and hold so great. The joke bit can be easily taken in and out and can thus be used again and again.

Scope of delivery: 1x Rotting teeth as a joke
  • Content: 1 x rotting teeth, impression mass
  • Colour: Skin color / Yellow / Brown
  • Size: for adults
  • Material: Plastic / Acrylic