Pumpgun Peterskopf

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Pumpgun Peterskopf

Professional special effects props for dramatic accident scenes

Halloween and Horror maintained not come without serious special effects and from artificial body parts.The realistic artificial skull of Pumpgun Peter is a great master and a true masterpiece of makeup art.It was a black day for powder shotgun Peter, as he was known by his friends.For illegal target practice behind the house his favorite weapon had stoppages.As he was impatient and hectic check the run, the stolen shotgun went off and shot in this case the complete mandible away.

The highly realistic, and worked up in painful detail, horror decoration consists of Polyfoam head and is covered with soft latex.The artificial skull of the victim is made lovingly by hand, painted with the finest airbrush and looks extremely realistic by real glass eyes and attached synthetic hair.
Our realistic products are manufactured in the first line for professional use in the film industry (CSI, Forensic Files, Crime Scene, Cobra 11 and various medical series).Partly hesitate Dummies use in fire or Bundeswehr and Civil Protection to represent the persons working in a realistic impression of an insert allows for training purposes.
Since Halloween has also here in Germany ever greater appeal found, many operators of amusement parks and ghost trains our realistic body parts as a Halloween haunted house and decoration.From the series of realistic body double our other decorative heads come as Melting Manfred Head or Dr. Gray Special Effect Head there in horror shop.com.

1 x Pumpgun Peterskopf

  • Size: Life-size
  • Ultra realistic representation
  • Professional film studio quality