Jeepers Creepers Mask Deluxe

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Jeepers Creepers Mask Deluxe

Mask yourself with the Jeepers Creepers mask as a nasty demon

With Jeepers Creepers, the American director Victor Salva brought an exciting horror film with the fantastic jeepers Creepers horror mask to the cinemas in 2001. At the center of the action is the merciless creeper, who goes on a bloody teenage hunt at the wheel of his old truck. Use the Jeepers Creepers Mask to take on the role of the demonic hunter for Halloween.

The original licensed Jeepers Creepers Mask Deluxe is a handmade masterpiece, which is extremely realistic and detailed. The Jeepers Creepers Mask deluxe shows like in the original deep wrinkles, bloodshot eyes and of course also has the grey plait. Other interesting horror masks for collectors are the Michael Myers Mask Halloween 2 and the . They Live Mask

  • delivery: 1 x Jeepers Creepers Mask Deluxe
  • Colour: green
  • Size: Full head mask
  • Material: latex and 100% synthetic hair
  • handpainted and in love with detail