Freddy Krueger Floor Prop

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Freddy Krueger Floor Prop

Freddy is pulling himself out of the ground or floor!

Freddy Krueger has wrecked the nights of generations of teenagers. This time he attacks from an unexpected direction: from out of the ground/floor! Like a mole he found his way from out of  your lawn or your living room floor. Watch out as he's trying to claw your leg!

The Freddy Krueger Floor Prop is made of robust polysterene and plastic. Put this prop on your living room floor or on a pile of soil in your garden and watch the look on everybody's face as they gasp when they see Freddy trying to pull himself out fom the ground! Mr Krueger might have lost his hat but he is ready to strike with his claw hand. The prop has to be partially assembled. It has no sound nor motion features! Check out more Freddy merchandise in our shop! How about the Freddy Krueger Glove Adult 2010, the Elm Street Sign Wall Decoration and the Freddy chips Bowl?

  • Material: polysterene, plastic, latex
  • Dimensions: length approx. 41 cm, width approx. 71 cm, height approx. 36 cm