Dental Veneers FX zombie teeth

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Dental Veneers FX zombie teeth

Special FX rotten zombie teeth as a dental aperture directly from Hollywood

Extremely disgusting looking zombie teeth in film studio quality, now affordable for you.The crass-looking zombie teeth are found in horror fans, live role players and Zombie performer alike.Give you with the dental veneers FX zombie teeth the appearance of an infected zombies, rabid trolls or dangerous beast.With the ultra-flat tooth aperture you have impressive teeth for the next Halloween party or the Zombie Walk.

The Dental Veneers FX zombie teeth are painted by hand, thin tooth covers made of high quality dental acrylic, which are secured using reusable thermoplastic adhesive beads on your own teeth.The Dental Veneers FX zombie teeth.professionally produced and will find use for many years in the film industry.The thus achieved special make-up effects are so successful, since they have been used already for major film productions such as Resident Evil, Dance of the Dead, The Take and many other Hollywood movie productions.

The Dental Veneers FX zombie teeth can be perfectly adapted to your mouth and can be repeatedly used without problem & removed.A German instructions for inserting the dental veneers FX zombie teeth we send you with course.

Package included: 1 x FX Veneers Dental zombie teeth
  • Contents: 1 x upper and lower teeth aperture, 1 x thermoplastic adhesive pearls
  • Material: tooth plates: Dental acrylic, adhesive pearls: polycaprolactone

Attention: Dental FX Veneers are no dentures and are made for temporary use.With the Dental FX Veneers in your mouth shall not be eaten, nor may they be worn for sleeping.Danger of suffocation !! Do not use on braces, crowns or dentures.Thermoplastic adhesive pearls not use in case of hypersensitivity to polycaprolactone.Not suitable for children, dental FX Veneers are not a toy!