Darth Vader candy holder

Item #: 20453

Darth Vader candy holder

Treats from the Star Wars universe

Darth Vader is clearly the most sinister character from the "Star Wars" universe.His performances are always marked by a dark atmosphere and every "Star Wars" fan art.Equally unforgettable is the musical theme that accompanies the presence of the dark warrior.All the plush is our original licensed Darth Vader candy holder which should be in every collection.

The plastic Darth Vader figure from the dark side of the Force is the ideal equipment for the next Halloween party with you home.A plastic bowl for sweets is included.The back of the figure has a flat surface, so that the figure can be leaned against the wall.Other supporters of the galactic film series will envy you for this unique product.In addition, for fans certainly the Darth Vader Helmet - Star Wars and the Darth Vader Gloves interesting.

  • Material: toughened polystyrene,
  • Bowl: Plastic - Diameter: approx: 25 cm
  • Size: approx. 51 cm
  • Color: black