Contact lenses Selene

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Contact lenses Selene

Piercing blue eyes of a vampire bloodsucker from the Underworld

These contact lenses are light blue motif Selene lenses that could come from a vampire from the fantasy horror movie Underworld.Vampires do not always have bloodshot eyes but can with the contact lenses Selene also a pungent blue eye color have when they bite.The battle between werewolves and vampires shows the eternal struggle between bloodsuckers and Lycans and reflected in the fibrous blue eyeball contact lenses again.Mask now. Than vampire from the Underworld with blue eyes and put you with the contact lenses Selene dramatic eyelashes to

The Selene contact lenses are slightly translucent towards the center and go with organic lines gently into your eyes color over.Therefore, the contact lenses Selene especially for blue and lighter eyes are suitable.The best you order these colored contact lenses equal to our Contact lenses liquid with, so that your Selene contact lenses do not dry out and you can wear them long.

- Contents: 2 contact lenses Selene
- High-quality, soft contact lenses without prescription
- Up to 12 months, with proper care
- Vora for all light eyes suitable and have a good coverage
- Not suitable for road transport

Please note the following warnings:
  • If you are not wearing contact lenses, then please seek advice from an optometrist or ophthalmologist.The first use of contact lenses should be monitored by a specialist (ophthalmologist or optometrist).
  • Wear the contact lenses Selene not to long periods of time.Enter motif lenses also only a few hours a day and not every day.
  • The mishandling of contact lenses can cause damage to your eyes, so you should be familiar with the handling and care of contact lenses.
  • We recommend that you seek advice from an ophthalmologist or optometrist if you intend to order contact lenses.Ophthalmologist or optometrist will give you instructions regarding material curvature and water content.
  • As a contact lens wearer, you should have your eyes regularly, at least every six months by an eye care professional.
  • Failure to comply with the precautions you risk permanent damage to your eyes and vision.
  • We recommend a maximum wearing time of 8 hours.every day.
  • Not suitable for children under 16 years.

Technical data:
- Type: soft contact lens
- Material: Poly Hema
- Radius (BC): 8.60 mm
- Diameter (DIA): 14.0 mm
- Strength: without diopters
- Water content: 45%.