Bio SFX artery wound

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Bio SFX artery wound

Anita creator Gene Latexfree wounds applications - the newest hit!

Brand new to the market are the Latexfree Horror wounds! The ingenious Bio SFX artery wound are also latex allergy sufferers finally have the chance to Halloween trimmed horrible to go on tour!

The Bio SFX artery wound is made of a unique bio watermelon extract and is stuck after activation with the alcohol activator to the skin.This super realistic Latexfree Horror wound is the perfect Horror Makeup for many occasions.The edges of the wound are so finely worked that one can virtually no transition see.After the wound is already made up, you can each with two protruding from the skin, fat wires shock.The antiallergic Wundenset includes two wounds produced alcohol based film blood and the activator liquid of isopropanol alcohol.The wound can be used repeatedly after gently pulling.For realistic gloss we recommend some water based lubricant or our FX fake blood.Even more ingenious Bio SFX wounds such as Bio SFX Vein Wound and the Bio SFX Borderline Wound you'll find in our product range.

Content: 1 St.approximately3.5 x 3 cm wide and 1 St.approximately6.5 cm x 2 cm Latexfree wounds applications Duracolor film Blood dark, Duracolor fake blood bright, isopropanol Activator, 2 cotton swab