Batman Bane Children's Mask

Item #: 20384

Batman Bane Children's Mask

Masquerade as Batman's enemy and become a super-scoundrel

Your original licensed mask from Supershorts Bane from the movie The Dark Knight Rises makes you almost invincible. Banes mask plays in film the role of a complicated mechanism to constantly supply Bane with painkillers. Without the mask, the Superschurke can not stand the pain of an old injury, with it he is pain-sensitive and thus a much tougher opponent.

Banes mask for children is about a quarter smaller than the size Bane Latex Mask For adults. It is also made of latex and corresponds to the mask from the Batman film. If you want to have the whole outfit the same with the Batman Bane Child Costume get. We also have other figures from the heroic and rogue universe, for example Batman costume children , the Joker Mask Dark Knight , the Scarecrow Mask with Hat and the Spiderman costume ,

  • material : Latex, plastic
  • Colour Images: Black, metal