Balloon weight with band 50 St. 16gr

Item #: 22485

Balloon weight with band 50 St.Bag of 16gr

roll balloon weight with white tape on reel for

With the balloon weight can be prima film and helium balloons prior to prevent fly away.The Ballongwicht is attached with adhesive cling film on foil balloon.The practical clip as balloon weight allows it to that of the balloon at various objects can be secured, while the attached coil with white balloon band ensures that this approximately1.50 cm can handle length.So presented the helium balloon is a real joy, without the need to have fear always that these flies away.

In the package there are 50 pieces Balloon Weights plastic a 16gr, each provided with coil and 1.50 band.

1 x balloon weight with tape

  • Content: 50 pieces
  • Color: Transparent with white satin ribbon
  • Weight: each 16gr