30s wig Betty Blond

Item #: 17911

30s wig Betty Blond

Whether or Lindy Hop Charleston swinging on the dance floor.With the right outfit and the 30-year wig Betty Blond in dreaming in another world.

The 30s were the time of Charlston and the water wave.The 30-Wig Betty blond makes time of the Belle Epoch resurrect.With the 30s wig Betty blond you put yourself in the time of the dim, illegal nightclubs and the infamous cabarets.

Artfully laid water wave as hairstyle was then all the rage and the next Charleston Flapper Costume a must of the Society and the nightclub scene.With the 30s wig Betty you are a welcome guest at any carnival ball, the carnival parade and many a fancy dress party.The 30s were the time of Bonny and Clyde and then alongside extendable cigarette holder , The fat Fat Thick Cigar also the Mafia Machine Gun a fancy dress accessory that suits unsererer 30s wig Betty and thus open up new aspects of the panel.Synthetic hair wigs as Charlston Wig with water shaft suitable for carnival, Carnival and Halloween especially, since they represent a low-cost but effective Vollers costume accessory.

Material: 100% synthetic hair