Rotkreuz shot syringe

Item #: 17457

Rotkreuz shot syringe

Large syringe needles with cross for himself filled with brandy and liqueur

Our Red Cross Shot syringe makes you a lifesaving blood alcohol paramedics, which ensures at every carnival and Halloween party that no one remains in the dry.The cool party syringe holds a content of about75 ml, thus you can each 3 Stamperl pure liquor injektieren, but be careful not everyone can tolerate the highly concentrated solution as well as you as Dr.and from parts per thousand.

With you there is more alcohol in the body than blood, the Red Cross Shot syringe is just the thing for you, for you thus vindicate existence you as perfect faucet for your alcohol syringe.Combine You can use the red cross shot syringe with the Surgeons Costume XL or Zombie Nurse SM from our Horror Shop and therefore you lend a respectful hospital look.

  • 1 x rotkreuz shot syringe
  • Material: Plastic
  • Size about.15 cm