Kackbook - The Toilet Guest Book

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Kackbook - The Toilet Guest Book

Get in contact with other kackbookers via the new social platform bog book, the toilet guest book!

According to a study we Germans spend approx. 4300 hours of our life on the toilet. Instead of writing a text message, staring at the ceiling or smoking a cigarette in order to facilitate the dirty deed you can now get in contact with other toilet goers via Kackbook, the bog guest book!

Find out about the hottest toilet news, who'sfriends with whom, who has updated their profile and so on. From now on you will be able to read the latest toilet gossip and bathroom trivia in your bog book. Sign in on Kackbook, create your user profile, leave your toilet status, check your friend requests, read the posts on your wall or leave a graffiti. Exchange our toilet experiences with other kackbookers and make new friends! Add our Mini Pens Skull or the Mini Pens spirit to your order and write the first entry in your toilet guest book!

Product information:

Guest book DIN A4  for all kinds of toilet messages