Exploding Pen Joke

Item #: 18464

 Exploding Pen Joke Device

The Exploding Pen is a very special practical joke device which is guaranteed to pep up boring office or school days. Our Exploding Pen not only makes a perfect accessory for Shrove Tuesday, but is a great practical joke all year round.

The Exploding Pen consists of a plastic case which has to be filled with 100 rounds of ammunition Single . When the pen's cap is taken off, you can hear a bang. You can be sure that the explosion will scare whoever tries to use the pen.

This is a great prank when you got a bad mark and have your parents sign it. You can bet they will get the joke and forget about the bad mark. Check out the Exploding Pen Joke and other cool practical joke devices like the Electroshock Ring in our Horror Shop!

Material: plastic

Size: 11 cm

Caution! Warning! This is not a toy for children! Not suitable for children under the age of 3!