Doorstop Bloody Weasel

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Doorstop Bloody Weasel

A macabre door stop for roadkill Makaberer Türstopper für den Roadkill Comic Fan

What fun would a cartoon or comic book be without hardcore accidents and fights or perfidious attempts of murder. Here comes a nasty but useful toy for hardened comic fans!
The cute weasel with the faithful eyes and tender body is made of toughened rubber and has to be put underneath your door just like a normal door wedge.  The head of the roadkill weasel features a free floating,  eyeball in a water filled plastic sack. When somebody tries to slam the door the bloodshot eye will pop out of the poor weasel's head. 

This nasty, horrid toy is perfect for your kitchen, hobby room or bedroom door or any other door in your home. Although the toughened rubber makes the weasel rather insensitive against kicks, in consideration of its miserable death you should treat it with a minimum of respect ! The floating eyeball can still be damaged. In  case of arguments in the family we recommend to refrain yourself from violently slamming your doors and rather break some crockery instead of taking it out on the poor weasel! This cool door wedge comes in a coffin-shaped gift box, which is approx. 26 cm x 15 cm. Once you lift the exterior lid you are presented with a small plastic window so that you can get an idea of the poor animal housed within. The coffin also contains the weasel's "death certificate" and a tag with the its name and cause of death for the animal morgue. A "Roadkill" car decal is also included.

Material of weasel: toughened rubber, size approx: 18 x 9 cm

  • Macabre but cute present
  • Horror fan item
  • Toy for adults