pencil wound

Item #: 13646

pencil wound

Brutal looking latex wound a pencil which has drilled into the skin

Since even the most hardened teacher gets a Kotzanfall when the dictation ends up that the pencil is in the forearm of the student! The way home is likely to be backed up with it, grinning.The pencil-wound is bonded with mastic to the skin.still decorate Sprinkle with fake blood and makeup and even expected a Schulfrei nothing stand in your way.

The pencil wound is a popular joke article oris also awesome as Special Make Up for Halloween and carnival.Different latex wounds to stick, as the Skull latex wound or the Kehl Gash / Gurgle available in our shop.Mastix spirit gum small . Film Blood / FX Blood 30ml and makeup not included.

  • Material: Latex