Krumme witch nose

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Krumme witch nose

Classical crooked witch nose made of latex for sticking

The character of the wicked witch is known to all of film and literature.the witch is described as mostly older woman with crooked witch nose on which there are witches warts.So what is closer to Halloween or Walpurgisnacht to mask once a sinister witch.With the crooked witch nose made of latex you get the classic fairy tales and legendary figure very close.

Our witch nose made of latex and has the typical curvature and little witches warts as a special feature.The distinctive olfactory organ of the Black Mage serves to recognize young children already on odor and thus to protect the gingerbread house before dee little sweet tooth.The crooked witches Nasee is made of skin-colored latex and is fastened with the enclosed skin adhesive on one's own nose.Now you have to make up only accordingly and you're done! Witches Make Up.Complete Witch Make Up Kit , Witch chin, Witch Wig Strega . Elegant Witch Hat Black and Witches Warts 3 St not incl.

  • Delivery: 1 x Krumme witch nose with Huatkleber
  • Size: One Size
  • Color: Skin color
  • Material: latex