Werewolf ears Deluxe

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Werewolf ears Deluxe

With the werewolf ears a great werewolf makeup can make up yourself!

Whenever the full moon is in the sky, driving the werewolf with his pointed ears werewolf on the loose.afflicted by a mysterious illness has the wolf prey tear and man hunts therefore fear a.

The werewolf ears are distinguished by their pointed, knöchrig / gristly Design! The werewolf ears are made of finest latex and glued by means of skin adhesive (mastic) to their own ears.Afterward, the wafer-thin adhesive edges on makeup.The latex ears are very durable and can be used with careful use repeatedly.

Mastic, nose, teeth, theater hair and wig not included.A Werewolf Nose Latex and matching Werewolf teeth Deluxe also there with us.

  • Delivery: Werewolf ears 1 pair
  • Size: One Size
  • Color: brown
  • Material: latex