Bio SFX wound broken nose

Item #: 18318

Bio SFX wound broken nose

The ingenious Bio SFX broken nose wound, the latex-free party Shocker!

The world's first Bio SFX nose fracture wound is finally the opportunity for all allergy-plagued Halloween fans to come and enjoy brutal wounds Apps! The Bio SFX wound broken nose transforms you into the victim of a nasty fist fight in which your opponent has you smashing your nose really.The Bio SFX wound broken nose is an ingenious Halloween and Horror Make Up Is super realistic and adapts to the skin so well, that remains to see hardly any transition.

The Bio SFX wound broken nose is made of a special bio watermelon extract and is only by alcohol activator (isopropanol alcohol) stuck to your skin.The anti-allergenic Bio SFX wound can be lipstick with every make-up and after the dry water resistant.Upon careful of Bio SFX broken nose slimming wound, this also often be used.Tip: The wound shines really disgusting with a little KY.

Content: 1x Latexfree wounds application, fake blood 1x bright, 1x dark, isopropanol Activator