Bio SFX Open Burn Wound

Item #: 18837

Bio SFX Open Burn Wound

This latex free horror wound appliance is an all new product to create a fantastic Halloween make-up!

The Bio SFX Open Burn Wound is the chance for people with a latex allergy to create gory Halloween makeups with latex free horror wounds.

The Bio SFX Open Burn Wound is made of  a special bio watermelon extract. It will sticks to your skin after being activated by the alcohol-based activator liquid, so you won't need a specific skin adhesive. These great wound appliances adapt so well to your skin, you will hardly see the edges. Once you have done up the wound appliances with makeup you will have absolutely lifelike latex free horror wounds for all sorts of halloween and horror occasions. Shock your friends with revolting Open Burn Wounds and lesions. The Bio SFX wound includes three latex free horor wounds, alcohol based fx blood and the activator liquid made of isopropyl alcohol. If the Halloween wounds are taken off carefully after use, they can be reused several times. If you want to make the burn wounds look realistically fresh and shiny, we recommend you put on a little water-based lubricant or fx blood. Check out more fantastic Bio SFX wound appliances like the Bio SFX Vein Wound and the Bio SFX Borderline Wound in our Horror Shop!

Contains: 3 latex free wound appliance approx. 6,5 cm x 5 cm, Duracolor fx blood dark red, Duracolor fx blood light red, isopropyl activator, 2 cotton swabs