Bio SFX Bullet Hole Wounds

Item #: 18689

Bio SFX Bullet Hole Wounds

Nasty horror bullet hole wounds completely free of latex!

The Bio SFX Bullet Hole Wounds are the perfect horror wound appliances for all Halloween and horror fans with allergy problems! These shocking gunshot entry wounds are completely free of latex and can be applied easily, even without spirit gum. The horror sfx wounds look absolutely realistic and adapt so well to your skin, you will hardly be able to see the edges.

The Bio SFX Bullet Hole Wounds are made of a specific water melon extract and stick to your skin only by means of an alcohol activator. Groundbreaking! Once dried, the hypoallergenic Bio SFX wound is water resistant and can be covered with any kind of makeup. If the Bio SFX Bullet Hole Wounds are taken off carefully after use, they can be used several times. These gruesome gunshot wounds are perfect for horror special effects like accident wounds or gunshot wounds.

The Bio SFX Bullet Hole Wounds kit contains 3 bullet hole wounds, alcohol based fx blood in two different colours and the activator liquid (isopropyl alcohol) to apply the wounds. For a perfect accident make-up, best touch up your latex free wounds with some Blood Gel / Blood Gel 30ml and Film Blood / FX Blood 30ml from our Horror Shop!

Contains 3 latex free wound appliances, 2 different colours fx blood, isopropyl activator