Bio SFX Borderline Wound

Item #: 18301

Bio SFX Borderline Wound

The world novelty: latex free horror wounds Apps!

For the first time there is now stark and real looking wounds applications which are completely latex free and can be attached to the skin without mastic adhesive skin! The world's first Bio SFX Borderline Wound is finally the opportunity for all allergy-plagued Halloween and horror fans!

The Bio SFX Borderline Wound is made of a special bio watermelon extract and is stuck only by alcohol activator on your skin.The Bio SFX Borderline Wound is an ingenious Halloween and horror make-up is super realistic and adapts to the skin so well, that remains to see hardly any transition.The anti-allergic Bio SFX wound can be lipstick with every make-up and after the dry water resistant.Upon careful removal of the Bio SFX Borderline Wound these can also be used more often.The borderline wound is particularly good for horror special effects makeup as sad EMU, Tokyo Hotel groupie or coarse accident scar.Included is the 3-piece BIO SFX Borderline Wound, a manufactured alcohol based film blood in two different colors and the activator liquid (Isoprpanol alcohol) to apply to the wound.Best yet with our Blood Gel / Blood Gel 30ml perfect and ready is a real shocker.

Content: 2 St.approx. each 8.5 x 3.5cm long artery and 1 St.15cm x 4cm long latex-free Cut wounds Applications , 2 colors fake blood, isopropanol Activator