3D Tattoo Rotted

Item #: 19800

3D Tattoo Rotted

The ideal zombie skin for every type of skin!

If you do not want to wear a latex mask, but still want to sneak through the streets, then the 3D tattoo rotting is just right for you. You can choose where you want to place the various destroyed skin parts and are thus an individual zombie. The wounds of your zombie skin range from small spots to large festering craters.

The 3D Tattoo rotted is completely latex free. This will not cause any allergic reaction if you make up your zombie skin. On a plate are 7 different broken skin spots of a zombies. They have different sizes from 2cm x 2cm up to 11cm x 4 cm. The zombie skin is simply cut out, peel off the backing film, re-tucked back onto the backing film, if necessary Press the air bubbles away and remove the protective film on the underside of the wound application, place on the desired area. Then moisten the carrier film with water and carefully peel off the carrier film. The description is in English and a pictorial description can be found on the back of the package. You can find more shocking real special FX in our shop. How would you like it if you 3D FX Transfer Tattoo Vampirbiss On the arm or the Bio SFX Vein Wound on the head?

Product information:

  • Scope of delivery: one plate with 7 rotting points for cutting
  • Latex free
  • 3D zombie skin tattoos are super easy to apply with water
  • Latex-free zombie skin tattoos can be eyed with artificial blood
  • Developed by make-up artists from Hollywood, sensational film quality


  • Do not use in eyes
  • Skin must be cleansed before application, free of grease and make-up free
  • Do not use on hairy areas