Skull mask Reel F / X Kit

Item #: 22155

Skull mask Reel F / X Kit

Ready made-Skull Latex for sticking

Order online now and already painted skull mask made of latex and will thus for sinister character of a skeleton with deep eye sockets and rotten teeth.So masked you turn into a skeleton, skeletal or Grim Reaper who is looking for poor souls.With the awesome looking skull mask you resemble a bony figure, like this happen in storybooks and fantasy films.

The already beige-colored black skull mask covers the whole face and can be cut to size from you.With the included mastic adhesive skin, the mask is then adhered carefully from the nose to the face edge.Transitions then with gray & black Aqua concealing makeup.The soft material that ultimately is closely related to your skin, makes the makes the skull mask the movement and facial expressions of your face with.After the application allows the latex application remove and use if handled carefully again.

Delivery: 1x skull mask Reel FX Kit

  • Contents: 1 x pre-makeup skull mask, 1 x skin adhesive, 1 x remover, manual
  • Color: Beige Black
  • Size: Adult size, half-mask for the face
  • Material: Latex
  • Cowl and makeup colors not incl.

Attention: Latex products and skin adhesive / mastic may cause allergic skin reactions in sensitive individuals.Therefore, it is recommended that is made prior to use of the product, a test in the elbow to exclude any allergic reactions.Please get the product applied on a small area of ​​the elbow, and ca.Leave on for 30-60 minutes.If an allergic skin reaction occur, it is not recommended to use the product.