Vampire teeth Deluxe

Item #: 10223

Vampire teeth Deluxe

So you can bite a vampire even tomorrow powerfully, you need teeth Vampire teeth

What would a vampire without his his typical sharp canines and a real Dracula teeth.With the vampire teeth Deluxe Acrylic you replace on the way Count Dracula as a bloodsucker.

sharp fangs as a whole dentition with two Fangs / Scarecrow Fangs in Dental Quality! The complete vampire maxilla can be purely and take out easily and quickly.The deceptively real Dracula vampire teeth is adjusted with the included two-component mass own teeth and can therefore be repeatedly used.Ideal for Halloween, Carnival and Carnival or gothic events.Matching the creepy vampire teeth, you can find our sensational viscose Film Blood / FX Blood 30ml the each Vampire Make Up Set the perfect appearance lends.

Material: Plastic