Bloody vampire teeth for insertion

Item #: 19389

Bloody vampire teeth for insertion

Doppeleckzähne as vampire teeth for reuse

The bloodsuckers like Count Dracula, the Blood Countess Bathory or bats are booming at Halloweenl and theme parties.Ever since Twilight, the Vampire Diaries and True Blood vampires are again extremely popular.There if you want to change for special events horror into one of these bloodthirsty shadow beings do this you need the bloody Doppeleckzähne as a vampire bite.What would a gig as a vampire without his typical fangs?

After using the enclosed wax pellet the vampire bite stops your own teeth without the need for an adhesive or other harmful substances for gums and teeth are necessary.Use still something Theater blood Economy and already affects your make up, like you just killed fresh prey.The impressive vampire teeth, they are ideal for bloodsuckers costumes such.Examplethe Lady Dracula Costume. ML or that Dracula vampire costume combine.

  • Package included: 1 x vampire teeth, 1 x wax beads
  • bloody Doppeleckzähne
  • The Vampire teeth can be worn again and again

Warning: The teeth are a fancy dress accessory and not a toy.Not suitable for children under 3 years, may contain small parts that could be swallowed.Thus, there is a risk of suffocation.The teeth are not eating, drinking or sleeping wearing.