Stage Blood - Fake Blood

Item #: 19172

Stage Blood - Fake Blood

Fake blood for shocking horror costumes!

Fake blood or stage blood is an artificially made liquid with a look, colour and consistency as similar as possible to real blood. It is mainly used as a substitute for real blood in a theatrical or cinematic performance, but is also perfect to create shocking special effects and horror sceneries on Halloween. 

All kinds of horror costumes only look good when pepped up with theatre blood. Fake blood is perfect to create shocking effects for Halloween and other horror events. If you are planning top roam the streets on Halloween dressed up as a vampire, don't forget to put a few drops of fake lifeblood in the corners of your mouth and let the run down your chin. Stage blood is absolutely essential to add the finishing touch to vampire costumes like the Dark Queen Costume Deluxe M , the Blutgräfin Barthory Costume. ML or the vampire gentleman!

Contains: 59,2 ml Caution: Not suitable for children under the age of8!

  • real stage blood for horror and gore fans
  • fake blood for gory Halloween costumes