Blood Capsules Dark Red

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Blood Capsules Dark Red

Turn yourself into the victim of a zombie attack!

Zombie, vampire or splatter film, the horror genre is known to be very generous with blood. Horror film monsters usually maul their victims in the most gory ways.  If you feel the need to spit blood, our blood capsules are just the right special effect for you. Your friends will be terrified.

With these top-quality gelatine blood capsules you can re-enact the most infamous horror film scenes in movie history or start your own splatter film production. The box contains 10 blood capsules so you won't run out of blood too quickly. With a bit of mouth blood, our Saw Latex Leichenarm and the Severed Ear Economy you are guaranteed to shock your neighbourhood this Halloween!

  • Material: gelatine
  • Contains: 10 capsules