Wound Stack Makeup

Item #: 19167

Wound Stack Makeup

Battle scars or sports injuries, with our wound makeup you can make your face unrecognizable!

Once you have done your face with this wound makeup, you will be the perfect patient for any plastic surgeon. Lacerations, abrasions, flesh wounds, bruises or skin diseases, use the five colours of this stack makeup and you are guaranteed to shock. You can paint your face or any other part of your body, you just have to choose which injuries you want.

The Wound Stack Makeup includes the five main colours to create realistic fake wounds and injuries. White for a pale complexion, yellow for swellings, red for gaping wounds, blue for a black eye and black for scratches and abrasions. By mixing the colours you an do absolutely excellent fake wounds. You can do the face of an accident victim or of a hero after a dangerous battle. Theme parties, Halloween or carnival balls, this makeup will make it through all kinds of hot party occasions. This makeup is also great to create fake wounds for the simulation of accidents in fireman or paramedic trainings. Some water and soap will make your wounds disappear and you can safe the money on the plastic surgeon. To make your rough look perfect, we recommend to add some accessories to your make up, e.g. the Puffy eye wound and our Boxer Bat teeth or the Skull Bandana .


  • not suitable for children under the age of 3
  • 5 colours for special effect makeups