Spirit Gum Remover 100 ml

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Spirit Gum Remover 100 ml

Remove make-up residue without problems!

Elaborate make-ups are essential for halloween and carnival. A great face make-up and gory wound appliances like entry wounds, slashes or ripped out eyes are fantastic eye-catchers . The only annoying thing about the make-up is to get rid of it after the party. This remover is the perfect solution for this problem.

With our Spirit Gum Remover 100 ml you have enough cleansing solution to remove spirit gum residue and makeup. The solution contains special additives which nourish the skin in a skin while cleaning it. The Mastix remover is also perfect to clean the insides of wound appliances and foam latex applainces. To make it worthwhile to buy the Spirit Gum Remover, you need lots of great wouns and masks like the Plague victims wound 3teilig and the Affenmann Foamlatex mask .

Contains: 100 ml