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Scar wax for fancy Halloween make-up

With the skin-colored scar wax can be precipitated Special produce effects and artificial scars.The Face & Body Wax is a must for any makeup artists and helps you to make up bloody wounds and skin cracks or to mask transitions of latex applications here.

The modeling has a capacity of about49g and comes in a milky plastic container with a lid.Simply the flesh-colored Grow with something Mastix spirit gum small fix to the desired location and then forms the wound or scar as desired.For easy abschminken pull the mass and residues with the Make Up & Mastic Remover remove.

Delivery: 1 x Modelling
  • Content: 1 x Wax
  • Color: Skin color
  • Amount: 49 g
  • Modelling for wounds and scars
Warning: A test for an allergic skin reaction in the elbow is recommended as the skin adhesive can sensitive skin cause temporary redness.If you during the test in the crook of your arm to show a violent redness, we do not recommend the use of the skin adhesive.,