Clown Make Up White

Item #: 19139

Clown Make Up White

An all-purpose make-up for Halloween and carnival fans!

No matter if you are dressing up as The Joker, a clown, a vampire or a geisha, it is theright makeup to add the finishing touch to any cool fancy dress. Our Clown Make Up White is the ideal base for lots of classic costumes and absolutely essential if you want to do good carnival and Halloween makeups.

The Clown Make Up White is an all-purpose makeup with great covering properties. Best apply it to the skin by using a small makeup sponge. After that you can finish your make-up with lipstick, makeup pencils or eyeliner. The white foundation can be easily washed off with warm water and soap.

Contains: 7,08 g

  • perfect make-up for lots of costumes
  • great covering properties
  • easy to wash off