Hairspray Blue

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Hairspray Blue

The perfect styling accessory if you want to look extra funky at this year's Halloween party!

Some people love absolutel colourful party outfits. Clothing and makeup in all colours of the rainbow turn any Halloween party or rave into an absolutely special event. If you want to attract attention even when surrounded by colourful people, we recommend this stylish blue hairspray.

You can apply the violent blue hairspray to single strands of hair. This hair colour will make you the centre of attention of any dancefloor. If you prefer a different look, we recommend our UV / Blacklight hairspray and the NEON Hair Spray Yellow .

  • Includes: 1 x can hairspray, easy to wash out
  • Contains: 85 ml.
  • Caution! Do not use on eyebrows and eyelashes! Protect clothing and surroundings thouroughly from atomized spray!