Real hair eyelashes black tight

Item #: 20300

Real hair eyelashes black tight

Optical extension through real hair eyelashes

Eyelashes are an easy and fast way to locate eyes still letting act nice and voluminous.Not only with makeup can make a face a stunning appearance.But also with stylish real hair eyelashes can conjure features that compels any man to his knees.

The real hair eyelashes black tight, are derived from human scalp hair.The fine hairs are sterilized and stained.With artificial eyelashes you get an upward glance at the self, the stars and starlets green with envy.Fals it should be something extravagant, we have the Feather Eyelashes Pink or Sprung eyelashes Black / Red

Product information:

Delivery: real hair eyelashes black tight
Material: 100% Human Hair
Eyelash glue is included
Length approx.1 cm.