Sclera Contact Lenses Black

Item #: 19600

Sclera Contact Lenses Black

Get yourself a pair of demon eyes and freak out your friends with these sensational Sclera Contact Lenses!

Sclera Contact Lenses or Full Eye Contact Lenses are all the rage when it comes to extravagant contact lenses. These 22 mm contact lnese not only cover your iris but the sclera, the whole of your eye. Hence the name of these lenses. The black Sclera Contacts turn your into a real demon that seems to have no eyes! 

As sclera lenses are a very particular kind of contacts lenses, it is absolutely essential to consult an optician or eye care practitioner in order to get familiar with this kind of lenses. Unlike "normal" contacts, the Sclera Contact Lenses are 22 mm in diameter so it is far more complicated to insert and remove them. The black contacts cover the whole of your eye so the effect will be amazing. It will look as if you had no eyes at all but only empty eye sockets. As the lenses feature a clear centre that looks black only because your pupil is black, your vision will be normal.


-  Contains: 2 Sclera Contact Lenses
- high quality, soft contact lenses, no sight correction power
- useable up to 12 months, if stored and handled correctly
- suitable for light and dark eyes, high opacity
- not suitable for the road

Please read the following warnings carefully before using the contact lenses:

  • If you are not familiar with contact lenses, we recommend consulting an optician or eye care practitioner, who will be happy to show you how to insert and remove your contact lenses and look after them correctly. Make sure to have a professional (optician or eye care practitioner) help you when using the contact lenses for the first time.

  • Do not wear the contact lenses over extended periods of time. Do only wear the motif lenses for a few hours per day and do not wear them daily.

  • Incorrect use of contact lenses can damage your eyes, so make sure that you are perfectly familiar with the handling and care of contact lenses when using them.

  • We recommend you contact an ophtalmologist or optician before ordering contact lenses. He will be happy to provide you with the necessary informations regarding the base curve and water content.

  • If you are a contact lense wearer, we recommend you have our eyes checked by an eye care practitioner at least twice a year.

  • If not adhering to these safety instructions, you do risk permanent damage to your eyes and your eyesight.

  • We recommend a wearing time of only a few hours per day, maximum 5 hours in one stretch!

  • Not suitable for persons under the age of 16.

Technical data:
- Type: soft contact lenses
- Material: Poly-HEMA
- Base Curve(BC): 11.0 mm
- Diameter (DIA): 22.0 mm
- Sight correction power: no diopters
- Water content: 45%