Pink Starlight Contacts

Item #: 22024

Pink Starlight Contacts

Colored contact lenses for Cosplay, Manga and visual kei fans

With the black Pink Starlight contact lenses your eye color is given a special kick! Treat yourself to colored contact lenses for a special effect for your eyes and spread mesmerizing Turn your moment in a dazzling display of color and expression.

Make your eyes with Pink Starlight effect lenses for eye-catcher on the Cosplay Convention and would thus the star of the visual kei scene.Colored contact lenses can be your eye color are a fascinating artwork.These soft effect lenses have after opening a gestation period of 3 months, cover the eyes completely and are suitable for each eye type.Whether light or dark eyes - colored contact lenses can not shine through.

Additional information (Pink Starlight contact lenses):

  • Contents: 1 pair of soft contact lenses without corrective lenses (non-prescription)
  • Pink / Black
  • Water content: 38%, provides high wearing comfort
  • Wearing time: 3 months
  • We recommend a maximum wearing period of 8 hours.Every day
  • Not suitable for children under 16 years.
  • Diameter: 14th2 mm, radius: eighth60 mm
  • Packed in sterile vials

Warning: Before using the Pink Starlight contact lenses, the instructions for the use of contact lenses should be studied generally accurate.In open questions or the slightest uncertainty in dealing with the contact lenses of the competent optometrist or ophthalmologist should be consulted in any case.When completely inexperienced clients without prior technical knowledge in handling contact lenses, we do not recommend the use of contact lenses or motif from! We recommend a maximum wearing period of 8 hours.Every day.Not suitable for children under 16 years.