Search for the terrible events of the Insidious Lamberts protection at your grandmother Lorraine. But the demons have followed you and search her home on. To make matters worse, they take possession of Father Josh and slowly the family is aware that there is a far greater mystery hidden behind the connection to the world of restless spirits.

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Contest to "Insidious 2":

Suitable for Halloween we raffle among all participants a great movie package with 2 movie tickets and an original film poster Insidious 2: (The free tickets are in Germany redeem all cinemas in which the film from the 17th century. October is shown. Participation from 18 years!)

What is Josh followed, as he saved his son?

a) a witch
b) a ghost
c) something evil

The competition has ended, the correct answer is c) something bad.

Thank you for participating your team of Horror shop. com!

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