Girl Shirt with imprint Piratin

Item #: GO 862
Ladies size
  • M / 38 

Girl Shirt with imprint Piratin

Short sleeve t-shirt with cheeky print for the summer!

The Girl shirt with black and white striped sleeves is a cute t-shirt for girls and women with a cheeky face plate in the pirate motif.This printed shirt gives you a cheeky and playful look and is great with his kurzern sleeves for the summer.

Girl Shirt is perfect for those hot summer days.The short sleeve shirt has black and white striped sleeves, giving the shirt a particularly cheeky and simultaneously playful look.The printing on the shirt is a naughty pirate with parrot.The Girl Shirt fits snug and is form-fitted.To the Girl Shirt with imprint fits perfectly the Corsagenrock with ruffles black and white ,

material: 100% cotton