Swallows Patch left

Item #: GO 1534

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Swallows Patch left

The Swallows Patch shows a swallow as a motif in the Old School style.The Swallows Patch reminds us of the wild days of rockabilly.The patch is embroidered with the colors blue, orange, red and black..The Swallows Patch is aligned to the left and is made embroidery design in retro.The Swallow Patch has attached to the back an adhesive that is activated by heat of an iron and you can then decorate your clothes with it.

The classic Aufnähe r or patch has played an important role too olden days.With colorful Aufbüglern has always been a way of life expression or display a group membership.Much has changed since the first fabric patches not, whether this today Patches , Patch , Patches , Patch or Stickers means.The Swallows Patches Today is different, on the whole only in the patches are simply ironed, instead of sewn before.

The Swallows Patch is approx. 8x 6 cm